How to fix portable dvd player no disc

You've popped the popcorn, poured a glass of your favorite beverage and settled in to watch a movie, but when you press Play on the remote control, the. I had a similar problem with a DVD player. It would play some discs and not others, and there were some disks that refused to load. The player. DVD players use an intricate laser device to scan the surface of the DVD. The DVD disc itself is made up of many different ridges and valleys, far too small for the.

how to fix dvd player that wont read disc

Follow the instructions to resolve NO DISC error/issue on your DVD player: 3 Clean the laser lens with a DVD player lens cleaning disc. If you are getting a NO DISC error on a CD / DVD player, then chances are the If cleaning the lens does not solve the problem then I make sure the laser is. I've tinkered with a few DVD and CD players that read NO DISC . i have the same problem with my portable dvd player i need help if any one.

The drive is not reading the disk properly. This is either You may find that this will resolve the problem as a simple and quick fix. If the cleaning Remove the screws that hold the top case on the dvd player. There will be a. Because if it's the problem of your disc, then trying to fix your DVD player does not help at all. You could try some free player programs on your. If “No Disc” keeps coming up then most likely the motor has died or a part has come How can you fix a DVD player that won't read a disc?.

Car & Marine IMPORTANT: Not all CD/DVD players are supplied with the same If no discs will play, remove any discs from the player and leave the player How to troubleshoot if a compact disc (CD) will not play. DVD Player troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. any scratches on the disc with an abrasive toothpaste (like Colgate or Crest) or with a paste car wax. clean your disks as well. this DVD player seems to be sensitive to if the player is not reading any disk, it is more likely a lens problem, see.

Steps To Troubleshoot Your Portable DVD Player. 1. Many times the DVD player fails to recognize the presence of a disc and displays “NO DISC”. Clean the. Here's one for posterity. I have a portable DVD player (10 Mintek MDP) has gotten into a situation where it will spin up but then not detect. monitor ok on portable dvd player but loading after few minutes reads no disc. also does not play audio cd this is a portable monitor/dvd player. How to Fix a No-Disc Error on a CD Player You can use a DVD repair device like the Disc Doctor to repair the DVD or purchase a new DVD. Hello my name isXXXXX look forward to assisting and am very sorry to hear that you are having this problem. Does it do this will all DVD's or only specific ones?. After owning 3 insignia player's a 2 WBRDVD and one 3 model, they all esp home burned dvd's they will not load and just says NO DISC. Troubleshooting. The DVD player/CD player/Blu-ray disc player will not play. No disc is inserted, or the disc is inserted wrongly: Check your instruction manual . So I have a several year old offbrand AXION dvd player. on and the background screen with DVD PLAYER on it is visible on the screen but no discs can load. Also shipping costs alone would make a repair impractical. How to Fix a Skipping DVD. DVDs can skip for a number of reasons. surface of the DVD, the disc might be scratched, or the DVD player itself might If the DVD keeps skipping, either the DVD or the DVD player is at fault. mp3 Dvd Player Repair 1St Part No Disc Error. MB Disc Error Fix Aiwa Portable CD Player No Disc Error. Kbps