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Answer to: Hellenism is a blend of By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by- step solutions to your homework questions. You can also ask your. Society & Culture Cultures & Groups Other - Cultures & Groups. Greek and Macedonian cultures. ok, I'd say A, since Greece and Macedonia are adjacent and none of the rest are. The Hellenistic period covers the period of Mediterranean history between the death of . The Greek population and the native population did not always mix; the Greeks moved and brought their own culture, but interaction did not always occur.

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Hellenism is a blend of C. Greek, Mediterranean, and Asian cultures. Hellenism is the period from the death of Alexander the Great ( B.C.E.). The Hellenistic Age was a time when Greeks came in contact with outside people and their Hellenic, classic culture blended with cultures from Asia and Africa to. The Greeks called themselves Hellenes, and still do. Greek is a Roman word. Hellenism pertains to the Greek culture and is not a blend. Hellenistic is a word we.

Hellenism is the blend of Greek culture after Alexander the Great died. Alexander killed all men of the lands he conquered, which spreaded Greek culture with. After the Persian conquest, Hellenism developed in the empire in two .. of different origins and cultures, which did not always mix, except on. Hellenistic civilization was a blend of African, European and Asian cultures. The Greek defeat of the Persian Empire is thought to have signaled the beginning of.

CULTURAL INTERACTION. Hellenistic culture, a blend of. Greek and other influences, flourished throughout Greece,. Egypt, and Asia. Western civilization today. HELLENISM, term generally used by historians to refer to the period from the death of Alexander the Great ( B.C.E.) to the death of Cleopatra and the. Hellenistic Culture. Greek culture blended with Egyptian, Persian and Indian ideas, as a result of Hellenistic Synthesis. Hellenistic Synthesis. The blending of. Anatolia. D. Anatolia. Which of the following cultures was not represented in the cultural blend of Hellenistic culture? A. Indian b. Persian c. Chinese d. Egyptian. Hellenism is a blend of a. Greek and Macedonian cultures. b. Greek and Egyptian cultures. c. Greek, Mediterranean, and Asian cultures. d. Mediterranean and. For Arnold, Hellenism represents thinking, knowing, and the sponteneity of The English Reformation effected a blend of the two, but with, apparently, a bit too. The Hellenistic period lasted from B.C. until 31 B.C. Alexander the Great built an empire that stretched from Greece all the way to India, and. Alexander adopted Persian styles, customs. - combined Egyptian, Indian, Persian , Greek cultures. - cultural blend known as Hellenistic after Hellas, Greek name. Since Delage, scholars agree that the Argonautika's geography is a blend of the other Alexandrian poets as disengaged with the main currents of Hellenistic. Read and learn for free about the following article: Hellenism's influence.