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So you're using an Android device and want to chat with your BBM friends? BlackBerry Messenger is now available for not only BlackBerry users but Android and iOS as well. BBM is totally free to use and is a great way to stay in touch with your friends without the worry of text. Select an option. Either enter a name, email, phone or pin, scan a pin barcode or select from BBM groups. To use the first option simply enter. To expand the number of people using Blackberry Messenger (or BBM), Blackberry made the application available for iOS iPhone users. Now.

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BlackBerry Messenger is back, and is now available for Android and iOS. Here's how to use it on your Android smartphone. With WhatsApp killing off its BlackBerry support by the end of , BlackBerry users should turn to BBM. Now that BBM has officially launched in the App Store, you can start communicating with all of your friends across iOS, BlackBerry, and Android.

In order to use BBM, you'll need a BBID (BlackBerry ID). Simply put, a BBID is an account that serves as your login to BBM on Android and. BlackBerry Messenger is dead: Use these apps instead. BBM will be missed by many. By. Jason Cipriani. June 2, AM PDT. 8. Getty Images. If you're an owner of a BlackBerry smartphone, chances are you're going to want to use BBM, which for all of you newbie BlackBerry owners.

As of May 31 , BBM has officially stopped operating. Though it's difficult to say goodbye, we are grateful for your support and thank you for being part of the . One major reason, for which many people will want to use BBM, is to be able to make free voice calls to their contacts who are BlackBerry users. As an alternative, you can use BBM Enterprise. Check the following link for more details

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Following the above news, BlackBerry is opening BBM Enterprise (BBMe) to all encrypted messaging platform, available for individual use. People could choose to use a BBM account tied to their unique BlackBerry Pin rather than send a standard text message. BBM managed to. BBM, or Blackberry Messenger, was the forerunner to services like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Telegram. The VOIP SMS service using PINs was. Attempts to make BBM more consumer-focused with social media functions saw limited success, leading to the discontinuation of the BBM. BBM also allows you and your contacts to play games together and share calendars, files and locations. BBM supports the addition of contacts who use text or. With BBM, you can chat and share items in real time with your friends, family, and To use BBM, your device must be connected to a wireless network. You can. talking about this. Discover the new BBM - free messaging & calls, stickers, news, video, games & more! Today is the last day to use BBM. Thank you for. BBM Enterprise is also available for individual use. It's a highly-secure messaging platform you can use to conduct group chats, voice and video calls, as well as. (Emtek had licensed the consumer version of BBM from BlackBerry, You can even use BBM Enterprise on Windows and Mac computers. As a consolation for diehard fans, BlackBerry opened BBM Enterprise, its enterprise-grade encrypted Messenger (BBMe), for personal use.