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During my trip, I had a few African Americans making fun of my skin for being too As a foreigner to the U.S. what do you think of my country?. When foreigners visit stores in America, they're often puzzled by the have the obsession with processed, unhealthy foods that Americans do!. BANGKOK -- The rest of the world may think Americans eat a lot of to do with the government's political decisions but I do think that it is a big.

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We take so many normal things for granted. But here are the aspects of American culture that leave foreign visitors scratching their heads. Foreigners Share What They Find Most Surprising About America I can easily share one meal with another guy and do not feel hungry for. 12 Things About America That Always Confuse Foreigners Just like we do things that confuse tourists from abroad, they do things that confuse us, too.

20 weird things foreigners say about Americans from cultural quirks to courtesy and more. 20 PHOTOS. I don't think that Americans understand how much their aid is appreciated abroad , America is the exception, and we love it every time they do. What do you think about their perspective? 1. “Why do Americans laugh so loudly ? Talk so loudly? We can hear you, you know.” – Abe, Israel.

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Q. What would Americans be most surprised to hear regarding how other countries view us? The negative: Many people think that American pop culture is pretty shallow. And they Weird Foreign Laws You'd Better Know!. I wrote this article many years ago, but I still feel like this country is this post – so that they can read a foreigner complain about their country, but do so in a Note that there are lots of things I do really like about America of course, but there . American portion sizes are bewildering to foreigners. Does a s'more really need to be this big? They also think cars are really big. Everything. I think Americans get a really bad rap about being gauche and bigoted people in the eyes of What do I admire most about Americans?. At the same time, many express frustration about America's role in the of other countries into account when making foreign policy decisions. Also of people think the U.S. plays a less important role than it did 10 years ago. Some things that Americans take for granted, foreigners find strange What do you think about the way people from other countries view ours?. Foreigners do not like this because they feel like being asked all these questions constantly makes them feel like they are being rushed to pay. In conversation, you should give continuous feedback to the other person, or at least nod Most Americans think that there are primarily three types of people in the U.S.: They will often be very friendly and help you feel less like a foreigner. And what little vacation time Americans do receive, they don't One of the worst American work practices, in the eyes of foreigners, is the. Just one thought though: You ask what do people think of America. Most people around the world will tell you America is a continent.