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Bo (born October 9, ) is a pet dog of the Obama family, the former First Family of the United States, named on affiliation with the chosen name “Betsy” and Bo Diddley musician. Bo is a male Portuguese Water Dog. President Barack Obama and his family were given the dog as a gift after. Sunny (born June 11, ) is a pet dog of the Obama family, the former First Family of the United States. Sunny is a female Portuguese Water Dog, who has been called the younger sister of Bo, who held the title of First Dog of the United States. Sunny was introduced via First Lady Michelle Obama's Twitter account on Although Sunny was purchased from a breeder, president of The Humane. Find out the name of the Obama family dog that was promised by the President to his daughters in his Election Night speech.

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The White House says the Obamas have added a second dog to the first walks and the occasional Oval Office huddle with the president. WASHINGTON — It's hardly a dog's life of just eating and sleeping for President Barack Obama's pets, Bo and Sunny. The pair of Portuguese. President Obama's Dog, Sunny of energy and very affectionate — and the First Family picked her name because it fit her cheerful personality.

President Obama's Dog, Bo supporters and gave the puppy the same name as presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign slogan. Obamas adopt new puppy named Sunny The President's supporters gushed at the sight of the little dog while his detractors sniped that it was. Sunny is the newest presidential pooch. Newfoundlands, Bernese mountain dogs, and Siberian huskies, to name a few—are unsuitable as.

The first to have had a dog during his presidency was George Washington, while Barack Obama most recently had two dogs during his. BARACK Obama's dog Sunny has become a little too frisky in the final days of his owner's presidency, biting a visitor to the White House on the. Obama children's pet is Bo, a Portuguese water dog, revealed amid media upset for many the biggest news to hit Washington since Barack Obama's inauguration, and Malia, aged 10, and Sasha, seven, chose the name.

Little-known fact: That was the original name given to the future Bo President Barack Obama walks his new Portuguese water dog Bo on the. President Barack Obama. Bo, a Portuguese Water dog, helped President Obama keep a promise to his daughters Malia and Sasha. While still. Read on to find out the top 10 pet names inspired by U.S. presidents. a Portuguese water dog who lived in the White House with the Obamas. 10 Fun Dog Names for the US Presidents' Dogs. Turns out that President Barack Obama runs down the East Colonnade with family dog Bo. The Obama's dog is a black and white Portuguese Water Dog named Bo. What is the name of President Obama's first dog in the White House. Now that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has Obamas promised their two daughters a dog after the presidential election. The President couldn't resist sharing a photo of Sunny on his Twitter contribution to the Washington Humane Society in Sunny's name. The Complete List Of United States Presidents' Dogs' Names Take a look at which Presidents got patriotic with their dog names–like Liberty. Barack Obama . Bo and Sunny: The Obama dogs. likes · 5 talking about this. President Obama's dog. Washington Post, A Shaggy-Dog Story: How Bo Wound Up With the Obamas, April 13, And even more news: Two potential names being kicked around by the 10, , interview in which then President-elect Barack Obama told George.